Morningstar Academy

05-28-2011 Game Session

Extreme Negotiations

Blood Brothers, Part II

The gang is interested in getting their hands on the Lyrok Prophecies, fortuitously enough, it is in town, among the private collection of one Anton Phibbs, an eccentric millionaire with a taste for occult books.

So it looks like a visit to a Mr. Anton Stewart Phibbs is in order.

He has a reputation in the underworld as a serious player, not someone to mess with.
Phibbs’ bodyguards, Burt and Kurt, are two large, over-muscled guys with a fearsome reputation of their own.

Jessie d angelo

Jessie D’Angelo is an emotionally scarred girl.

Jessie was reported missing six days ago by her uncle Richard, the girl’s last surviving relative.

Two days before, Jessie’s parents were found dead in their home in what the police are treating as a murder-suicide.

The boys found her on her first night at her new job at the Tough Kitty Klub.

And it seems that Alten, the demon doppelganger double of Aiden and the Lyrock Demon Cultists are after her.

This session was originally part of the Saint P’s and Bicford Prep game.



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