Morningstar Academy

Welcome to Morningstar Academy

Season 2 Premiere, part 1 - "Say hello to MA-MA!"

Players: RedJen, Wendy, Bill, Jenn, Steven, Michael, Dara, Lisa
Characters: Aiden, Archie, Conner, Gwen, Jessie, Jeremy, Nate, Tessa

The boys from Bicford Prep move into their new home at Morningstar Academy. They meet their teacher assistant, Archibald Barrett. Room assignments begin after introductions are made. Conner does a quick psi-scan of the room and finds that Jeremy reads as blank. He gets the others together and alerts them to his suspicion that Jeremy may be turning into a vampire. Conner brings Susan, Jeremy’s sister, and the girls into the room with the boys. Susan disputes Conners claim. Tessa, a slayer-in-waiting, corrects this impression by explaining how a vampire is created.

The group is interrupted by something going on outside. Several students jump out the window while others take the stairs. They find a man with 3rd degree burns lying on the ground and Mr. B (Archie Barrett) holding a book and standing near the man. Jessie calls 911. Jeremy & Tessa attempt cpr. 15 minutes later, the ambulance arrives and the man is dead. Tessa had “looted” the body.

Everyone goes back inside. Ronnie knocks on the door and announces that Jessie has a visitor. And she says that she is his sister …


Living with girls is going to take some getting used to. The Japanese Exchange students were nothing like these two. I suppose they were both exciting, but where the Japanese girls were excited to be exploring a new place, these two just seemed angry. The older boys always said they’d never understand girls, but I figured it was just a failure on their part to do enough research into each induvidual girl. Now I’m wondering if their generalization could be an axiom of some sort. ~A

Welcome to Morningstar Academy

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