Aiden Allen Scott

Brainiac, 2 years younger than his classmates


Casting: Jake T. Austin


Brainiac, 2 years younger than his classmates, formerly a ward of the State of Connecticut, likable, a favorite of the Japanese exchange students (who think of him as a cute little brother) at Bicford Prep, generally happy boy who can find almost anything interesting.

He likes just about anything that can collect or give him access to information: cameras, computers, books, interesting people with unusual stories. His personal computer resembles a science-fiction villain, but he’s put together all the best pieces of computer equipment and while few would believe it, his rig is a true beauty (disguised as a toad). He’s usually got some side project in the works and anyone who recognizes the art of his computer suspects it was one of his previous projects.

Aiden rarely seems to get himself into trouble. It isn’t that he’s an angel, but somehow he manages to remove himself from troubling situations before they can get out of hand.

A bit moodier than Season One, Aiden is quietly trying to deal with his new reality, new school, & new housemates. Much of his past is still a mystery to him, but now there are names listed under mother & father on his birth certificate. A rather flighty woman who occasionally stops in
New Jersey & insists on being called Auntie Mame, rather than grandmother, has come into his life. He hasn’t seen or heard much from Wolfram & Hart (neither his trustee, Mr. Babcock, nor Ingrid Thorstein, who ripped his life apart) since being deposited in his new fishbowl.

Aiden Allen Scott

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