Alexandra Midford

A Hippy Witch who likes to blow bubbles


Alexandra (Alex) Midford, hippy witch who likes to blow bubbles

Alex is a blonde woman in her early twenties with long, curly hair and gray eyes. She dresses in loose skirts and peasant blouses, but never wears shoes (sandals only) unless it is absolutely necessary.

Alex’s hippie parents came to Boston, MA to protest nearly everything and ended up staying as lobbyists, living in a small home in a nearby suburb of Boston. When Alex became interested in the Occult, her parents were pleased. They tend to see through a New Age Feminist filter though, and do not believe their daughter can actually do anything more than create positive energy around herself. They do not believe in magic, per se. I’m not sure about this section of the background, Anyone have any suggestions/ drop me a line or add to comments if this has any…lol

Alex finds that amusing, but she finds many things amusing. She never takes anything too seriously, which makes her a nice balance to Joanna’s seriousness. Alex loves working at Owl’s Hollow and being part of the Coven, and that is all she really wants to do with her life at the moment.


Alexandra Midford

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