Andy Tucker

Homeless Urban Shaman


Andy is a man with Achondroplasia dwarfism, of German and Irish descent, in his late twenties, though life on the streets has made him look much older. Andy is either clothed in a worn t-shirt and jeans, or multiple layers of ragged garments and a leather coat that has seen better days. He sometimes wears a pair of mirrored shades that he found on the street a while back.

Andy has only fractured memories of his past. He once had a family: a wife and a little girl. He was once in the Army. There was a period of hardship, and he participated in a Vision Quest (a traditional Native American ritual to seek spiritual guidance). He cannot remember anything more than that. He is not even sure how long he has been living on the streets.

He spends his time panhandling and acting as an urban shaman. Somehow, during the period when he lost his memories, he also acquired the Gift. He can speak with spirits, and he can command them. Sometimes the spirits talk with him, but to a mundane this just makes him look crazy. The Hibou Coven knows him because he frequently sleeps in a nearby park. They consider him a friend.


Andy Tucker

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