Archibald Barrett

Chemistry Teacher's Assistant at Morningside Academy and one of the resident adults who supervises the students.


Portrayed by Randall Batinkoff

Shorter than average, with blue eyes and dark hair that is rarely out of place (except for a bit at the back that tends to stick up at the worst times), Archibald Barrett has broad shoulders, slender hands and a propensity to blush, starting with his ears.

Between his training with a shaman and his university work in chemistry, he’s adept at alchemy and matters of the occult. While he doesn’t talk much about his youth, his experiences make him quite understanding of young people who might fall through the cracks of “normal” society. Shy and easily flustered, being suddenly surrounded by so many of those individuals may prove to be a challenge. In his own words, “It would look very bad on my resume if one of my students was killed.”

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Archibald Barrett

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