Conner Graysen

Joshua Conner Graysen


Portrayed by: Taylor Lautner


Conner was abandoned by his parents when he was too young to even remember them. Growing up Conner has bounced from foster home to foster home and orphanages. His new families would find him delightful to have around. Even his uncanny ability to finish their thoughts and the guessing games he excelled at were fun for a time. Eventually each family became disturbed by what their new son could do.

Strength of will and confidence of self helped Conner survive these troubling times. As he aged he found a sort of family with the guys on the sports teams at different schools. Finally he had a foster father, Dr. Walter KornCrocker, Bicford Prep Librarian, who accepted all his quirks.

Conner lived in the Bicford student dorms with his foster dad’s hopes that Conner will see and report any and all strange happenings at the school.

All was well until the Night of Blood Moon …

Conner Graysen

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