Dade Murphy

A Nerd with a "dark" side. (Super-Scienist)


Crunchiness coming sometime.


Casting: Jonny Lee Miller

What can I say? When folks hit high school, their bodies are changing, they are finding out where they fit in….and don’t fit in. I’ve always loved my Discovery Channel, Science Channel, my interweb surfing and my role-playing games. Most guys who are a bit “nerdy” have to deal with glasses and/or pimples and being picked on by jocks and those gorgeous cheerleaders in their shorty-short skirts (would not mind them leavin off those bloomers, if you know what I mean). Me, I get a whole other kettle of fish. Luckily, it seems that puberty hit me with some weird stuff I’ll not discuss anywhere, but my brain works better than ever. Also, even if I cannot avoid being picked on, I can at least take it better than before. Maybe I’ll grow out of this whole awkward stage and get me some honeys like MC Frontalot or MC Lars.

Fun times.

Dade Murphy

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