Darth Sex Wax

Darth Sex Wax, any more to say...


Darth Sex Wax and some of her followers show up. DSW has an elaborate tattoo on her face that is disturbing to look at for long. She is wearing a dark trench coat that she keeps buttoned. Some people noticed some twitching movements under the cloak (clusters of insects covering thin insectoid limbs growing on either side of her torso cause this movement). Her minions are dressed in similarly heavy trench coats.

The magical people in the group are able to tell that DSW’s body is being consumed by Taint. Taint is the opposite of Magical Essence, its antithesis; it has no place in our universe. It is the vital force of the Outer Dimensions, the realms beyond our universe where the Mad Gods dwell.

The regular or mundane people in the group cannot really sense this, but should still be able to tell that DSW is insane.

The Taint is causing other effects in DSW. Currently she is trying to talk above a buzzing white noise that only she can hear. She is also seeing the world as a black and white negative with everything about fifteen degrees to the left. When talking, she does so loudly and looks to the side of whomever she is addressing. Her minions just stand behind her and murmur random phrases of support.

DSW addresses the Cast, “You don’t think I know but I do, I DO! I know all about the book, the book, it’s my present, it’s for me . . . andIwantitback because you YOU CAN’T HAVE it . . . oh you think you can but it’s a surprise oh it sure is, and when HE comes then everyone will know but first I got to have it IT’S MINE, giveit giveit giveit GIVE IT!!! You have pretty eyes i want to rip them out and wear them as a necklace. no.”

She then stares blankly at a space just to the left of whomever she is addressing, spins on her heel and marches out the door. After a beat, her minions follow her.


Darth Sex Wax

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