Ms Emma Davis


Ms. Davis (Guidance Counselor/Stalker)

Ms. Davis is the guidance counselor at Jessie’s old school. She has always been evil. She enjoys slowly destroying the dreams of young people and using the information they confide in her to spread rumors that cause havoc in the school.

Jessie’s older sister is the only person to ever get one up on her. Larissa actually managed to steal her husband and burn her house down. After Jessie’s accident Ms. Davis took special interest in him to try and find something she could use to retaliate against Larissa.

As Jessie began to experiment with magic a misfired spell caused Ms. Davis to become infatuated with him. She has been stalking him for some time now. Her fear of Larissa is the only thing keeping her from acting on the infatuation.


Ms Emma Davis

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