Demon Doppelganger of Aiden


The Doppelganger:

Finally, we have that identical twin of the afflicted character who popped up after the ritual failed. This was not the ritual’s purpose (this much can be gleaned even with one Success Level on the ritual research roll). So what the heck has been unleashed on the world?

The entity appears to be some form of Doppelganger spirit. Unfortunately, there’re a whole bunch of mystical doubles.

One possibility is a splitting of a person’s soul into two parts; usually, each half is an incomplete portion of the victim’s personality, one has its emotions while the other keeps its rational side, for example, while one could be good while the other is evil.

A quick examination of the Cast Member in question shows no apparent changes in personality, so that’s probably not it. That leaves the field wide open, though.

The symbols indicate that this Doppelganger is a demonic manifestation. The double retains the memories and some of the personality of the victim, but it is perverted and evil, much like a vampire is an evil reflection of his previous self.

A demonic Doppelganger is stronger and more capable than the original; it retains all his memories and skills, augmented with demonic strength.

Its goals are not always destructive. Still, it generally seeks to destroy the original and replace him, or try to thwart him at every turn.

This particular Doppelganger must have been created by a Mocker Spirit, a creature used to facilitate possession rituals.

A manifested Mocker assumes the form of the victim and become its eternal enemy. Its only goal while manifested is to work against the original, turning all his hopes and goals into dust, destroying those he cares about, and generally turning his existence into a living hell.

Mocker Doppelgangers have the ability to tap into their double’s mind and senses. This requires an effort of will and doesn’t work for long, but it means the Doppelganger may on occasion eavesdrop on his double.



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