Gwen Raiden

Electro Girl


Life Points: 26
Strength 1; Dex 4; Con 3; Intell 3; Percep 2; Will 4
Acrobatics 4; Computers 4; Crime 3; Doctor 1; Influence 1; Notice 1; Occultism 1
Attractive +1; Criminal +2; Resources +2; Fast Reaction Time +2, Electrokinesis +12
Obsession -2; Misfit -2; Emotional Problems -1 (Fear of Rejection); Uncontrollable Power -5
Combat Maneuvers:
Dodge +8
Electrokinesis +8
Groin Shot +5
Brain Shot +4
Disarm +6
Knockout +6


Gwen is an emotionally unstable girl with an electric personality. She’s secretive about her past but tidbits of her history tend to slip out every now and then, especially in reaction to stressful situations.

In everyday life, she tends to dress in dark colors and wear heavy eye makeup. She prefers man made materials, as they are less likely to conduct electricity and/or catch fire, so the bulk of her wardrobe is made of pleather and lycra. She has a large collection of full length gloves in a wide array of materials and colors; she obsessively touches her gloves to ensure they are pulled up as far as they can go. Recently, she was given a pair of specially made gloves by Aiden and is preoccupied with testing them out on various people. . .er, surfaces.

She is brash, headstrong and flamboyant. She is very often succinct with her words and observations. Gwen is flexible and fit but not ripped and doesn’t consider herself to be a jock.

Gwen killed a human named Billy in the Jan. 14th game. She made a show of pretending not to care, but it upset her enough that she slipped, mentioning something from her past: Billy was her 5th kill. Perhaps that’s why she is wary of getting close—physically and emotionally—to other people.

She is obsessed with finding a cure for her “condition” and may go to great lengths to do so. If her morals slip a little in her cure’s pursuit. . .well, in her mind, the end justifies the means. Years of being called names and being avoided has made Gwen pretty anti-social and a bit selfish in group situations. She is insecure but acts out in an effort to hide her fears. Her relationship with Tessa is helping to soften her edges, but progress is slow and old habits die hard.

Gwen Raiden

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