Hibou Coven

The 3 witches that work @ Bookstore


Joanna Frank, owner of the shop, Owl’s Howl

Kat Gardner, guitar singer

Alexandra (Alex) Midford, hippy witch who likes to blow bubbles


Owl’s Hollow Books & More

Owl’s Hollow Books & More is located in an old rowhouse off Beacon St, Newton Center, MA. The building is three stories tall with the bookstore on the first floor. There are steps leading up to the first floor on the left and right side of the building’s face. The front entrance of the building contains the door to The Owl’s Hollow Books and two flights of stairs that lead to apartments on the other two floors. The basement of the building is used as a storage area for the bookstore.

Owl’s Hollow Books & More has a variety of old books for sale, with a specialization in works of mysticism and occultism. Rather than the usual New Age paperbacks found in most occult bookstores, Hibou has a number of older mystic tomes. This includes a 19th Century French translation of Giordano Bruno’s Cantus Circaeus, a copy of the 1903 Gollancz translation of the Clavicula Salomonis, a 1945 copy of Turner’s English translation of the Arbatel de Magia Veterum, and the 1911 Wilder translation of the Theurgia by Iamblichus. They also have an assortment of ritual items like candles and crystals.

Real world Location: Kabbalah Book Store – 751 Beacon St, Newton Center, MA

Hibou Coven

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