Ingrid Thorstein, Esq.

W & H Lawyer


Played by: Saffron Burrows (Lorraine Weller on Boston Legal)

Social Services have investigated Jessie’s parents for alleged abuse at several points in the past two years. There was insufficient evidence to warrant further action, apparently.

A year ago, Jessie’s mother charged the father with assault and battery. The charges were dropped. The attorney of record was one Ingrid Thorstein of Wolfram & Hart.

The same attorney appears to have been responsible for squashing the Social Services investigation of the D’ Angelo family.

As soon as the firm learns the girl is with our heroes, Ingrid Thorstein show ups. She has papers making W&H the trustee of the D’Angelo estate, and Janine a ward of the firm. Also with papers stating that W&H are now the new trustee of Aiden Scott.


Ingrid Thorstein, Esq.

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