Jessie D'Angelo

Jessie is an emotionally scarred girl. Ex-Prophecy Gal


Jessie is an emotionally scarred girl.

She is torn between anger and a desire to punish everyone who hurts her and guilt for her role in her parents’ death.

The fact is Jessie did play a role in those deaths.

Her visions are not garden-variety premonitions of the future.

If she visualizes an event well enough, it comes to pass.
She doesn’t just see the future.

She can, to a limited extent, manipulate it.

Unfortunately, the girl has little control or understanding of her powers


Her story is most definitely not material for the feel-good movie of the year.

Jessie’s father was a monster (the human kind); she curtly summarizes her childhood with “Dad liked to beat up on me and Mom.”

For the last couple of years, Jessie has been plagued by visions, some pertaining to people she knows, others about some horrible worldwide event, a cataclysm of fire and demons that destroys everything on the planet.

All the visions have been negative. She’d dream of people being killed or dying and it would come to pass.

Her abusive father started referring to her as a “spawn of Satan.” This only made him more violent towards her and her mother.

A few nights back, Jessie wished with all her heart that her father would appear in one of her visions. She then dreamed of her father waking up in the middle of the night and shooting her mother and then himself.

Seconds after she woke up, she heard the gunshots coming from her parents’ bedroom.
Jessie believes that she caused her parents’ death.

Jessie was reported missing six days ago by her uncle Richard, the girl’s last surviving relative.

Two days before, Jessie’s parents were found dead in their home in what the police are treating as a murder-suicide.

Social Services have investigated Jessie’s parents for alleged abuse at several points in the past two years. There was insufficient evidence to warrant further action, apparently.

A year ago, Jessie’s mother charged the father with assault and battery. The charges were dropped. The attorney of record was one Ingrid Thorstein of Wolfram & Hart. The same attorney appears to have been responsible for squashing the Social Services investigation of the D’ Angelo family.

Jessie D'Angelo

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