Joanna Frankel

Owner of Owl’s Hollow & a Witch


Portrayed by Lindsay Price

A tall woman in her late twenties with piercing brown eyes, Joanna has long, slightly wavy black hair. In her youth, she used to wear it with short bangs—the standard Goth/Betty Page look. She dresses in black and a bit conservative But in the past she was wilder and still secretly listens to Dead Can Dance. I’m not sure about this section of the background, Anyone have any suggestions/ drop me a line or add to comments if this has any…lol

Joanna is the owner of Owl’s Hollow, an occult bookstore off Beacon Street in Newton near Boston, MA. She is also the leader of a three-member Wicce Coven consisting of herself, Morrigan MacBride and Medea Zeilinski.

Joanna comes from a long line of Gifted Wiccans on her mother’s side. She studied at Boston College and majored in English Literature. There, she met a fellow scholar named Penny Woodville who encouraged her to leave the Coven. Joanna politely refused the offer, but the two have remained friends; in fact, Penny gave Joanna a loan to help her open her bookstore.


Joanna Frankel

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