Kat Gardner

Part-time worker at Owl's Hollow, Guitar Singer & a Witch


Portrayed by Jaime Ray Newman

Kat is an Irish woman in her mid-twenties with a full head of red hair and eyes of bright green. She dresses in jeans and dark colored sweaters from her homeland.

Kat works part time at Owl’s Hollow and sings at the Violet Lounge at the Hotel Indigo. 399 Grove St, Newton, MA 02462

Kat grew up in Limerick, Ireland. Her mother was a midwife, and the family went south to Lough Gur every February during Imbolc. It was a family tradition to assist the Sidhe, the Fey folk of the Otherworld, with any births during that time. On Kat’s thirteenth Imbolc, an Unseelie came through the Otherworld Gate. It slaughtered Kat’s entire family, and took the bodies back to the Faerie Lands. Only the timely intervention of a nearby Wicce Coven prevented Kat from sharing the same fate. I’m not sure about this section of the background, Anyone have any suggestions/ drop me a line or add to comments if this has any…lol

Kat was sent to live in Boston with her Aunt. When she was old enough, she enrolled in Morningstar Academy in Newton, MA where she met Joanna and Alexandra thru the Chasers. They gave her a sense of belonging that her Aunt was never able to provide.


Kat Gardner

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