Lyrock Demon


The Demon Cultists

The bad guys belong to a lesser demonic race, the Lyrok Clan.

They have rough, yellowish skin, brutish figures, and lousy demeanors.

Most of the time, they are hidden by their hooded cloaks.

As far as demons go, the Lyrok are not particularly strong or tough; their strength is their vast
mystical knowledge.

Since time immemorial, the Lyrok have dwelt on Earth in self-imposed exile, waiting for the time when the Cleansing (the eradication of humankind) will arrive.

Their goal is to search out the Signs of the Lyrok Prophecies and to fulfill them, thus bringing about the Cleansing.


Lyrok demons

These demons appear to be fairly obscure; they haven’t done much of anything in the last few centuries.

They might be part of a doomsday cult of some sort, waiting for the right time to act, the right time being now, apparently.

Clearly, these are Lyrok demons, a small and secretive race. Their sole goal is the fulfillment of the Lyrok Prophecies.

Unfortunately, the prophecies are a closely guarded secret. All the Cast can fathom is that, should they come true, the human race will be “cleansed” from the face of the planet.

There are three known copies of the Lyrok Prophecies in the world. One is in the Vatican Vaults, and the Vatican doesn’t have an interlibrary exchange program. The other is in the Rare Book Library of a small New England college (name rhymes with “catatonic”). The third one, fortuitously enough, is in town, among the private collection of one Anton Phibbs, an eccentric millionaire with a taste for occult books.

Here are some fragments of the Prophecies to get your juices flowing for ad-libbing the rest (if needed).

The scroll itself rambles on for the equivalent of a couple hundred big pages (i.e., it’s a mighty long scroll).

A lot of the passages are ambiguous, so the translations are tentative at best. This isn’t helped by the fact that the Lyrok language has lots of double meanings, often contradictory.

“The Hunt must begin for [the Seer? The High Priestess? The Mistress?] to become our [Leader? Sacrificial Victim? Lamb?].”

“[The Seer? The High Priestess? The Mistress?] is the Mother of the Future. Her [Giving birth? Sacrifice? The word for “giving birth” is also synonymous with “committing suicide for the greater "good” apparently Lyrok motherhood isn’t a good career choice] will open the way for the Cleansing.”

“The Cleansing will see fire come down from the heavens. The killing will be great, and the blood of the Lesser Races shall flow unquenched and flood the ruins of their cities. We shall tread on the heads of their children, and devour the living as they watch on . . . [the Prophecies go at some length along these lines. Suffice it to say the Cleansing is no day at the beach.]

“And the first sign came to pass, and the Red Moon will bled blood and turn the tears of the condemed witches into blood. " I’m not sure of the wording…help me out, gang. Lost the index card. Hey Nate you got that good memory…..

“The One shall betray Itself, and the Two shall become the One. Then It shall touch [the Seer? The High Priestess? The Mistress?] and beget the future with her.”

Lyrock Demon

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