Men in Black

"Just the Facts, Ma'am" Agent Smith & Agent Jones


Agent Leonard “Lenny” Smith & Agent Bruce Jones

Lenny and Bruce look like identical twin government agents. They have the same athletic build, same black suit,same gear, and same black sunglasses.

They never smile, never take off their sunglasses, and have a disturbing habit of finishing each other’s sentences. They are both agents of the FBI.


They are stereotypical government agents: black suits, sunglasses, imposing presence, and humorless demeanor. They flash badges that identify them as FBI agents and immediately start their spiel, finishing each other’s sentences in a surreal and disturbing manner.

“Good afternoon Ma’am, I am Agent Leonard Smith.”
“And I am Agent Bruce Jones.”
“We are investigating the incident—”
“—that happened earlier today.”
“We believe that it was mob related.”
“The suspect that was taken to the hospital—”
“—was connected to the mob—”
“—and he was trying to unload—”
“—a book—”
“—which is a vital piece of evidence—”
“—in an ongoing investigation.”
“So if you have any knowledge—”
“—about the current whereabouts of this book—”
“—please let us know.”
“We will be in touch with you—”
“Thank you—”
“—for your cooperation.”

The agents then look around the room before leaving. The police also take statements from Archie and examine the street in front of the store. They think the burned man was a victim of gang-related activity.

Men in Black

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