Demon Hunter


Portrayed by Hrithik Roshan

Very tall, very dark, and very mysterious, Nikodemus plays an important part in Archie’s life. Friend and mentor, he shows up without warning and disappears just as abruptly, usually through the third floor window of Archie’s room. His life as a demon hunter keeps him on the move. Around his neck hang several talismans and he bears the scars of combat on his skin, as well as more talismans as tattoos.

While his family name isn’t well known these days, the history stretches back for centuries. At one time, their wealth and power and notoriety were impressive within the Church. Now, only the wealth lives on, despite the current heir’s disregard and disdain for it, not even admitting what that surname is. To look at Niko, one might assume he was destitute or even homeless. Certainly without access to a proper comb or razor. But it was that wealth that paid for Archie’s university education and graduate studies.


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