Sebastion LeFleur

Tall, Dark & Handsome - French collector of rare books


Portrayed by Gilles Marini

Sebastion is a tall, handsome man with long dark hair and gray eyes who appears to be in his thirties.

Sebastion wears stylish European suits and is often seen in expensive cars with expensive men and women doing expensive things.

A smartly dressed European enters the store. He is a handsome, dark haired man who appears to be in his early thirties.

He speaks with a French accent, “Good afternoon, my name is Sebastion LaFleur. I am a collector of rare books, and I understand that you have recently come into possession of a certain text that was translated by Gustave Navarre. This book, indeed all of the French esoterica from the time of Richelieu, is of great interest to me. Let me give you my card. I am staying at the Hotel Indigo so I have taken the liberty of writing the number on the back of my card. Think about how much you feel the book is worth and we can discuss the transaction tonight. I think you will find it in your best interest to do business with me, no? Adieu.”

With a flirtatious wink and a kiss on the hand, Sebastion leaves for now. The card says “Sebastion LaFleur Import/Export” and gives a Paris address. The French collector must be paying about three hundred dollars a day to stay at the upscale Hotel Indigo. 399 Grove St, Newton, MA 02462


Sebastion LeFleur

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