Tessa Moreau

Potential Slayer


Tessa Moreau had a pretty happy childhood growing up in small suburb outside of Chicago, IL. She had two siblings both younger than her. Her sister Becca was two years younger than her and her brother was 10 years younger than her. Her mother and father were both loving and supportive.

Tessa excelled at sports and was on the track team at her Jr. High School. She was hoping to join the varsity team this coming school year. She was part of the popular crowd and had a lot of friends. Her school work was average. She didn’t do great, but she wasn’t in remedial classes either. It was summer and she had just turned 14 years old. She would be a freshman in High School when the new school year started.

One night, Tessa and her family were watching TV when a knock came at the door. Her father opened the door and it was three young women, who looked disheveled and as if they had been crying. Her father asked them what was wrong, because they seemed frantic and afraid. They said their car had died and some guy was chasing them. They wanted to use the phone to call for a tow truck. Her father invited them in and that is when they struck.

The three women were vampires. They killed her father first by snapping his neck. Then they each took one of her other family members and drained them in front of her taunting her as they did it. They said they were saving her for last, because they wanted to her to watch as they killed her family one by one. Tessa didn’t know what to do. She was scared, but couldn’t just stand there while her family was sucked dry. She grabbed a dining room chair and smashed one of the vamps with it. The chair shattered and the vamp threw her against the wall. Tessa having watched a few vampire movies in her time remembered that stakes would kill them and she picked up a broken chair leg and shoved it through the back of one of the vampires. It turned to dust.

The other two vamps dropped her two siblings who were almost drained and ran to grab her. She managed to run upstairs to her bedroom and locked the door. She then jumped out the window getting several large cuts and landed in the front yard. As luck would have it, a delivery truck was passing by and she grabbed a hold of the ladder rack on it and rode away to safety.

Tessa Moreau

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