The Grimorium Verum

The Grimorium Verum


All Archie see is a burned man fall in front of the bookstore. He holds an old book out to Archie and says with his last breath, “Don’t . . .let them . . . have . . . this . . . book . . . Danger . . . take it . .. to . . . ,” at which point he passes out.

The Cast call 911; an ambulance arrives fifteen minutes later. By that time, the man is dead.

Someone who know First Aid try to help the burnt man. It eases his suffering a little, but his wounds are too critical, and he is still going to die.

Unfortunately, none of the Cast has any supernatural healing abilities

The Cast are pretty curious about the book. The cast identify that the book is the Grimorium Verum by Alibeck the Egyptian, originally written in 1517 and translated into French by Gustave Navarre in 1632.

This particular edition is different from others in that Navarre has added a new chapter that details various rituals involving the Mad Gods.

The character knows that there are only supposed to be five copies of this particular edition in existence, but does not necessarily know where all of them are.

But Nate remembers seeing a copy while the boys were in Mr. Pibbs’ library.

What would Mr. Pibbs want with this book and why do so many people want this book.

Maybe we need to look into this book more closely…

What is this handwritten note that comments on this section?

Does that look like “A” “N” “A”…


The Grimorium Verum

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