Morningstar Academy

11-05-2011 Game Session

Haven House

Players: Bill, Dara, Lisa, Jenn, Steven
Characters: Conner, Gwen, Jessie, Nate, Tessa

Aftermath of “Attempted break-in and shots fired”…

“Where did Archie go?”…“Didn’t you leave him in the car with Frenchie?”
“Hey, where did Aiden go, he was right behind us?”
“Jeremy, do you think Susan & Ronnie are ok?”…“How could they not hear those shots?”
“How do you remove brains stains from your clothes?…”

Summary by Rob H.

Just as the last gunshots echo in the alley, a black van turns the corner and stops quickly in front of the gang in the back of Owl’s Hollow.

SWAT-like soldiers jump out and take control of the area. Carter, Tessa’s “watcher” and a beautiful Asian woman get out of the front of the van.

Following behind this van is a short white school van from Morningstar Academy with a handsome young man driving it.

Secure the Scene. Get the Story Straight. “Gang Activity” “Caught in Crossfire” or “We were Just Making a Movie”

Trip to Haven House. Get fixed and cleaned up. Group Therapy Session. Road Trip.

More to come….

Cut Scene by RedJen

Cut to Aiden & Connor’s room

Aiden is perched in front of multiple video screens, his fingers a blur as his eyes flash from screen to screen. If you stop to observe him, he doesn’t acknowledge your presence. Empty soda cans are neatly stacked on a shelf and out of the way. As you watch and without breaking his pattern of typing, Aiden reaches for the soda on his desk, tips back the last swallow and places it precisely in the next position on the empty shelf. Occasionally you may hear a soft muttering that sounds like a derogatory comment about how such a worthless emergency response could be so tightly backed up.

The scene appears to be on loop for hours as the collection of empty soda cans grows and Aiden’s hair slowly moves to stand on end as his fingers make regular detours as time passes.

Eventually, Aiden appears satisfied that he has purged the systems of all record of the calls he made requesting assistance surrounding the downstairs break-in. He stands, walks toward his bed and is asleep before his body makes contact with the mattress.



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